TRU has a full suite of 1st party construction products available in all 50 states geared to the sophisticated buyer:

Large COC All-Risk
• TRU has up to $200M of capacity
• Up to 5-year policy term

Large Frame All-Risk
• $80M+ of wood frame capacity per fire site
• 36 month project terms

• $100M+ of capacity
• Target classes include energy, power generation, civil and specialty manufacturing risks
• 60+ month terms

Wind, Flood, and/or Earthquake Capacity
• TRU can offer coverage for all types of catastrophe exposures including Coastal Windstorm, Special Flood Hazard Areas, or California/Pacific Northwest Earthquake. Coverage may be included with All-Risk or on a stand-alone basis.

Deductible Buydowns
• Named Windstorm
• Flood
• Earthquake

Developer Master Programs
• Master Programs for many of the nation's top developers
• $80M+ of wood frame capacity per fire site

TRU offers catastrophe coverage available in all 50 states for commercial occupancies.

• Difference in Conditions
• Deductible Buydowns
• Program focus on schedule TIV's greater than $100M

Named Windstorm
• Deductible Buydowns

* Minimum Premium is $25,000 except $50,000 if exposed to critical catastrophe perils **Minimum Premium is $50,000

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