What special or unusual property risks do large construction contractors face?
Complex construction projects entail numerous risk-factors far beyond those present for in-place property risks: collapse of incomplete structures, fire/theft/water-damage of construction materials staged on the site, fire-exposures related to construction activities such as welding, roof-tarring and system testing, and water intrusion. But far beyond just insuring the "unusual risks" that these projects face, a savvy contractor or developer aligns himself with construction experts like TRU because of the value we can add with regards to critical risk factors such as exposure identification and mitigation, project-planning, on-site loss prevention and engineering services. These are the differentiators that limit uncertainty and save contractors money in the unfortunate event of a loss.

How does partnering with TRU help contractors win business and drive bottom-line results?
All contractors and developers are market driven to find novel ways to protect themselves against unexpected losses and other sources of uncertainty. Budgets are stressed and customers and financing sources are more demanding than ever, that's where TRU's expertise and ability to customize coverage programs really makes a difference for our clients.

What are the "value-add" elements of the TRU approach to insuring construction projects?
TRU's lifecycle risk-management approach commits our in-house engineering resources for a regular and rigorous schedule of loss-prevention inspections. This approach serves a vital purpose of informing all parties – customers and brokers alike – about critical exposures, project conditions, and mitigation steps that should to be considered to reduce the likelihood of costly damage and/or delay scenarios.

What is Difference in Conditions insurance?
Difference in Conditions, also referred to as "DIC," is an insurance industry reference to a coverage approach that serves a client by addressing exposures that another insurance company excludes or specifically carves out. It is a true specialty niche – TRU specializes in insuring those client exposures for which other insurance markets lack the expertise to understand. Often times, the exposures that we insure are those with the highest potential to really hit a contractor or developer in the pocket-book.

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